Willacy County Correctional Center Receives ACA Accreditation

(RAYMONDVILLE, Texas)– The American Correctional Association (ACA) recently accredited the Willacy County Correctional Center giving it a score of 100 percent on mandatory standards and 99.6 percent on non-mandatory standards.

“This is wonderful news,” said Warden Randy Treon. “I’m proud of my entire staff.  We have worked very hard to maintain a safe and secure operation. This recent audit by the ACA reaffirms our commitment of excellence to the community in which we live.”

The ACA is the largest and oldest international correctional association in the world. ACA-certified facilities are required to meet numerous security and operational standards. Following this reaccreditation, the facility will be required to submit annual certification statements to the ACA confirming standards compliance. Reaccreditation takes place every three years.

Senior Vice President of Corrections for Management & Training Corporation (MTC), the company that operates Willacy Correctional Center, Odie Washington said, “This is a great accomplishment. The ACA standards are set high and demand a trained and disciplined staff. We are proud to have the Willacy County Correctional Center accredited and receive such high score.”



Warden Randy Treon