Victms of Abuse to Speak With Inmates at The Kyle Correctional Center

The Kyle Correctional Center launched the Bridges to Life program this week which connects communities to prisons in an effort to reduce the recidivism rate, reduce the number of crime victims, and enhance public safety. The Kyle facility is the largest provider of the program and will serve more than 75 offenders during the 14-week curriculum.

“It’s a very effective and powerful program,” said Warden Greg Shirley. “We’ve seen the lives of both inmates and volunteers change because of Bridges to Life.”

Approximately 25 volunteers, mostly from the Austin area, will visit with offenders weekly to share their stories of how violence has impacted their lives.

Chaplain Michael McComb who facilitates the program added, “Most of these offenders have no idea how much pain their poor choices in life have caused others. This program puts inmates face to face with victims of crime. This interaction helps inmates change and provides victims an opportunity to heal from their wounds as well.”


You can learn more about the Bridges to Life program here


For more information contact: Warden Greg Shirley

Office: 512-268-0079