MTCnovo Selected to Manage Probation Contracts in the United Kingdom

MTCnovo has been selected as a preferred bidder to manage community rehabilitation companies in London and the Thames Valley for the United Kingdom’s (UK) Ministry of Justice (MOJ).


MTCnovo is a new venture between MTC and Amey, a UK company specializing in public infrastructure and social justice, and several nonprofit organizations. MTCnovo will provide rehabilitation and offender management services to nearly 40,000 probationers and parolees. The contracts will see MTCnovo become a partner in the wider transformation of the offender rehabilitation system in England and Wales.


MTCnovo will reduce reoffending by delivering comprehensive rehabilitative services ensuring that for the first time, prisoners with sentences of less than 12 months will start to prepare for their reintegration back into society from the day they are imprisoned. Harnessing the professionalism and expertise of the workforce, MTCnovo will ensure time in prison is spent productively on activities, education, and health programs that will help to reduce the chance of reoffending on release.


MTCnovo will also introduce an offender cohort model for the first time, which will see groups of offenders – women, 18-25 year olds, working age males, older males and chronic illness, mental illness and intellectual disability – identified before services are tailored around the needs of each cohort. 


CEO of MTCnovo Rich Gansheimer said, “MTCnovo is pleased to have been selected by the Ministry of Justice to run probation services in London and the Thames Valley and revive the best values of the probation service. We will bring together proven techniques, a wealth of UK and international experience and the expertise from the existing UK probation service to help support a broad step approach to rehabilitation which will reduce re-offending as well as help to enhance the social fabric of the UK.”


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