MTC Announces Initiative at All Four Mississippi Facilities to Curb Contraband

(MERIDIAN, Mississippi)– Management & Training Corporation (MTC), which operates four of Mississippi’s correctional facilities, has announced the launch of a new K-9 unit to reduce the amount of contraband entering its facilities.

“Contraband is a major issue at prisons across the country and right here in Mississippi,” said MTC Senior Vice President of Corrections Odie Washington. “We are grateful Mississippi Department of Corrections Commissioner Chris Epps set aside funding to install 30-foot netting and body scanners at all its facilities to cut down on contraband. We are fully supportive of these measures, and we believe they will have a great impact.”

MTC is enhancing these effective state measures with a new K-9 unit that will aggressively search for contraband in all four of its facilities. The unit includes two highly trained German shepherds named Maja and Blek, two primary handlers, and an alternate handler. The K-9 unit will make unannounced visits to all four of the MTC facilities in search of contraband:

·      East Mississippi Correctional Facility, Meridian

·      Walnut Grove Correctional Facility, Walnut Grove

·      Marshall County Correctional Facility, Holly Springs

·      Wilkinson County Correctional Facility, Woodville

Officer Paul Stow who works the K-9 unit said, “We’ve already seen great results from our searches including the arrests of two individuals who were trying to smuggle marijuana into one of the facilities. Not only have we found what we would consider everyday contraband like cell phones and cigarettes, but as we conduct our searches, we often discover other valuable information like intelligence associated with gang activity. These are unannounced searches so visitors and offenders have no way of anticipating our visits.”

Mr. Washington added, “This K-9 unit will conduct exhaustive searches at all of our facility’s housing units, entrance buildings, laundry rooms, mailrooms, and vehicles entering the grounds. We are confident this new initiative, along with the new netting and body scanners, will put a big dent in this statewide problem. As we reduce the impact of contraband, offenders will be able to focus better on the many education, vocation, and substance abuse programs that are designed to help them prepare for successful re-entry into society.”


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