Marshall County Correctional Facility Launches New Inmate Painting Program

(Holly Springs, Mississippi)–The Marshall County Correctional Facility has just announced the creation of a new commercial painting program for offenders.

Warden Tim Outlaw said, “We place a lot of emphasis on programming inside the facility. We want our offenders to gain as much education and training as they can so they’ll be more likely to succeed once they leave the prison.”

Inmates who successfully complete the new painting program can earn the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) certification. The new commercial painting program includes three months of core curriculum instruction which involves Occupational Safety and Health Administration training followed by another three months of specialty training.

Warden Outlaw added, “With NCCER certification, offenders will be qualified to take on good jobs in the painting industry. Providing inmates with these types of training opportunities gives them confidence to be successful once they leave the facility. We believe academic, vocational, and substance abuse courses go a long way toward reducing recidivism in the state of Mississippi.”

The Marshall County Correctional Facility also offers offenders GED, alcohol & drug, culinary arts, computers, horticulture, and life skills courses.


For more information contact: Warden Tim Outlaw

Office: 662-252-7111 or