Diboll Coorectional Center Inmates Benifit From Public Speaking

One year after launching the Toastmasters program at the Diboll Correctional Center, inmates who have participated in the class say the public speaking course has made a big difference in their lives.

“Being incarcerated, you are exposed to many programs that promise to “benefit” you when you get out. I’ve taken many of them and, though they have some benefit, none did more for me than Toastmasters,” said Inmate Christopher Smith.

Warden David Driskell added, “We started this program a year ago and have seen tremendous results. Toastmasters meets inmates criminogenic needs by allowing them to achieve a sense of personal growth in the area of public speaking. Each inmate is required to give a series of speeches which helps them develop their ability to communicate as well as many other valuable skills.”

Another inmate said, “Toastmasters has helped me focus what I say and how I want to say it. Being able to express my ideas and beliefs clearly and concisely makes me a more valuable member to my fellow inmates and to society.”


About the Diboll Correctional Center

The Diboll Correctional Center is a minimum and medium level facility operated for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice by Management & Training Corporation. The facility has a capacity of 528 and provides inmates with a variety of educational, vocational, and rehabilitative programming including GED, custodial maintenance, landscaping and design, life skills, and public speaking.


For more information contact: Warden David Driskell

Office: 936-829-2201 or david.driskell@mtctrains.com