Performance Results

As a leader in social impact, MTC is committed to improving the lives of offenders, staff, and the communities that we serve by closely tracking our performance and striving for excellence. MTC recognizes that it can only have a positive social impact on the offenders we serve and the communities they return to if we're producing positive results. In Corrections, providing exceptional safety and security, proven programming, and numerous opportunities to give back to communities is directly tied to offenders' ability to improve their lives. As inmates are treated with respect and provided a safe and humane environment, their chance of successful rehabilitation increases. A well run, well performing correctional facility is necessary to allow offenders the opportunity to take advantage of the many education and life-changing programs MTC offers.

Here are some of our key performance results over the last year:

  • 22.8 million hours of inmate engagement activities completed including effective programming 
  • 32,485 certifications awarded to offenders including GED, vocational, and substance abuse
  • 560,000 hours of community service performed by offenders and staff