Expertise & Services

MTC has more than 27 years of experience and expertise providing proven programming to offenders in safe and secure correctional facilities. Our commitment to excellence in corrections has led to dozens of successful contracts with federal, state, and international governments. MTC incorporates the latest technologies into its security, making our facilities safe for the community, staff, and offenders. Our correctional officers are carefully vetted and well trained to provide effective safety and security. MTC also employs caring, knowledgeable education instructors who are committed to providing offenders the opportunity to improve their lives through academic, technical, and job skills training. MTC's commitment to excellence is centered around five key areas:

  1. Well-operated correctional facilities
    MTC's Corrections leadership team is led by qualified professionals — including former state corrections directors, wardens, and law enforcement administrators. Their combined knowledge, experience, and leadership results in well operated correctional facilities dedicated to improving offenders' lives and reducing recidivism. Our excellent leadership, both at the corporate office and at our facilities, allowed us to successfully take over operation of three Mississippi facilities within 60 days. Watch the transition here.
  2. Well-Trained Staff
    In addition to the many hours of customer required training, MTC provides extensive training to its employees through its proprietary supervisory, management, and executive training programs. MTC understands the importance of developing quality employees and invests heavily to ensure our corrections staff is the most qualified in the industry.
  3. Safe and Secure Facilities
    MTC's correctional facilities are safe and secure for neighboring communities, staff members, offenders, and detainees. MTC consistently exceeds customer expectations and the stringent standards of the American Correctional Association. Secure operational systems promote stability and increase offender participation in program opportunities allowing MTC to continue as a leader in social impact.
  4. MTC Programming Philosophy
    MTC's programming philosophy incorporates evidence-based programs and best practices emphasizing positive offender change. Over the years, MTC has built a reputation for offering quality programs that have provided the spark for thousands of individuals to turn their lives around.
  5. Third-Party Endorsements
    MTC is the industry leader in seeking accreditation from the American Correctional Association (ACA), the Correctional Education Association (CEA), the National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC), the Licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Facility organization (LSATF) and The Joint Commission (TJC). Click here to find a list of MTC-accredited facilities.