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MTC Corrections

MTC makes an impact in Corrections by preparing offenders to successfully transition into the community. MTC secures and trains more than 25,000 offenders and detainees daily and more than 73,000 offenders and detainees annually. Our mission is to reduce recidivism by providing results-oriented programming in a safe and secure environment so offenders improve their academic, technical, job, and life skills.

Corrections Overview

Since 1987, MTC has made a social impact in the communities where we have served by safely securing thousands of offenders and by giving them an opportunity to change their lives.  MTC's philosophy in Corrections is rehabilitation through education — that's why we provide offenders with various programs to prepare them for reentry into their communities.

Expertise & Services

MTC has more than 25 years of experience and expertise in corrections. Our management team has centuries of combined experience operating safe and secure facilities that focus on rehabilitation through education. Our commitment to excellence in corrections has led to dozens of successful contracts with federal, state, and international governments.

Performance Results

As a leader in social impact, MTC is committed to improving the lives of offenders, staff, and the communities which we serve by closely tracking our performance and striving for excellence. MTC recognizes that it can only have a positive social impact on the offenders we serve and the communities they return to if we’re producing positive results.


The number of community service hours donated annually by MTC Corrections staff and offenders

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