Auditors Recommend Accreditation for East Mississippi Correctional Facility



(MERIDIAN, Mississippi) –American Correctional Association (ACA) auditors gave the East Mississippi Correctional Facility high marks this week after its weeklong audit, and have recommended the facility receive ACA accreditation. The facility will receive the actual ACA certification at the organization’s next conference.    


“This is wonderful news,” said Warden Norris Hogans. “I’m proud of my entire staff. We have worked very hard to maintain a safe and secure operation and have made tremendous progress and improvements since we first began operating the facility. This audit by the ACA reaffirms our commitment of excellence to the community in which we live.”


Since Management & Training Corporation (MTC) took over operations of the East Mississippi Correctional Facility, the company has made several security and programming upgrades including:


  • Worked with the Mississippi Department of Corrections to add a body scanner to the front entrance to prevent contraband from entering the facility
  • Worked with the Mississippi Department of Corrections to add 30-foot netting to prevent contraband from being thrown over the perimeter fence
  • Installed a parcel scanner to detect contraband coming in mail and packages
  • Employed a K-9 dog team to search for contraband
  • Installed a new motion detection system in various parts of the facility
  • Modified cell doors to prevent tampering
  • Created special housing unit to help rehabilitate former drug addicts
  • Launched several new inmate programs including the Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) program which has significantly cut down on rule violations among inmate participants
  • Improved sanitation by painting all cells and hallways
  • Provided additional training to emergency response teams


ACA accreditation requires full compliance in hundreds of areas of correctional facility operations including safety and security, programming, inmate treatment, and medical care.


Following this accreditation, the facility will be required to submit annual certification statements to the ACA confirming standards compliance. Reaccreditation takes place every three years.


Senior Vice President of Corrections for MTC Odie Washington said, “This is a great accomplishment. The ACA standards are set high and demand a trained and disciplined staff. We are proud to have the East Mississippi Correctional Facility recommended for accreditation.”


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